Welcome to The Kitchen Bee

I originally started this blog to share my passion for cooking well-balanced meals.  With the best intentions, I thought I was creating meals that were quick to prepare and easy for those pressed for time.  Little did I know, I used to have all the time in the world to plan, prep and cook a meal!  45 minutes- no problem!  After having my first baby, however, I realized that I knew very little about quick preparation or budgeting my time.  45 minutes now- it’s probably not going to happen. Call take out!

I’ve been forced to look at our weekly meals in a whole new way.  Without sacrificing nutritional value, I’ve been figuring out how to throw together an interesting meal while combatting the challenges of raising a toddler- (to paint the picture: I’ve learned how to simmer while consoling 5 pm meltdowns, roast veggies during bath time, and stir-fry while dolling out different utensils to bang on pots and pans.

While I try to get creative, most of the meals you find here are simple- goto staples, in order to deliver a home-cooked meal amidst weeknight chaos.  Don’t get me wrong, I still get creative and plan to share an occasional post on a dinner party where I have the luxury to flex my culinary muscles.  However, with some life-experience under my belt, I hope to post some useful, delicious and nourishing recipes that might help someone with limited time and a hungry stomach.