The Kitchen Bee

cropped-copy-copy-copy-FINAL-LOGO-e1350661848473.pngWelcome to The Kitchen Bee!  

If you are looking to learn how to plan meals for your family, polish your knife skills or brush up on your kitchen knowledge, you have come to the right place.  The Kitchen Bee offers in-home cooking lessons and a food blog to help you get your food buzz on!  For more information on booking in-home lessons visit my Cooking Lessons page.

The Kitchen Bee Blog contains delicious recipes for the busiest of the busy.  Trying to incorporate cooking into your daily life?  Want to have some recipes on hand, ready to go for a busy weeknight?  You have come to the right place.

I originally started The Kitchen Bee with a primary focus on in-home cooking classes, but over the next year I plan to expand my blog as well. During the majority of my lessons, I found that many of my clients were looking for quicker, healthier, family-friendly meals.  I often get asked: “What is your favorite thing to make on a weeknight?”  The answer: “What ever I can make quickly and healthy that won’t leave me hungry in an hour.  I try to make something different every time I cook.” I decided to focus my blog on quick nutritious meals, basically showcasing what I’m making during the week. All recipes are geared toward those with limited time to prep and shop for recipes.  I love teaching you tips on how to get your meal on the table faster, while keeping things light and healthy.  I hope you enjoy these recipes.